2023 -

Review of the year 2023: Karlsruhe under the sign of digitalization and innovation

Events & dates in Karlsruhe - KW 51 2023

#DigiWomenKA: Dr. Linda Nierling

CyberChampions 2023: Awwt - The platform that is changing the art world

Events & dates in Karlsruhe - KW 50 2023

ANYMOS competence cluster: What do transport service providers do with personal data?

Events & dates in Karlsruhe - KW 48 2023

#DigitalMindsKA - the people behind Dominika Szope

#DigiWomenKA: Noémie Jaquier

#DigitalMindsKA - the people behind David Hermans

#DigitalMindsKA - the people behind Ralf Schneider

#DigiWomenKA - Prof. Dr. Ina Schaefer

Karlsruhe is so smart: The Smart City presents itself at the in-house exhibition!

#DigiWomenKA: Sonja Thiel

International Women's Day:

#DigiWomenKA: Heike Brugger

#DigitalMindsKA - the people behind Jan Wiesenberger

#DigiWomenKA: Kathrin Gerling