InnovationFestival 2021


InnovationFestival 2021

Bühne InnovationFestival 2021

On October 8, the InnovationFestival once again offered the best digital innovations from Karlsruhe and the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion the big stage.

Top-class keynote speeches by internationally renowned flying cab pioneer Volocopter, entertaining pitches from science, business and administration, as well as a joint after-work event with KIT Science Week – that was the InnovationFestival 2021!

You can find all contributions in our media library.

Keynotes & Talks

The InnovationFestival 2021 was enriched by the following top-class keynotes and talks on digital networks, services for citizens, the mobility of the future and innovations in schools:

World premiere: We.Network – Connecting people with trust.

Martin Hubschneider

Management Board, CAS Software AG

CAS Software AG presents We.Network, the first trustworthy, European alternative to the well-known social networks. It is thus making a contribution to Europe’s digital sovereignty. The voting shares of the We.NetWork platform are exclusively owned by the co-creators, partners and users. This offers cities and associations in particular a unique opportunity to form active communities.

Premiere: The new your city in an app

Markus Losert

CIO / CDO of the City of Karlsruhe

Director, Office for Information Technology and Digitization of the City of Karlsruhe

The new multifunctional app from Karlsruhe offers a marketplace of digital services and a unique new communication channel. Karlsruhe is thus living Urban Relationship Management and making a significant contribution to digital services of general interest. At the InnovationFestival 2021, the MVP will be presented and it will be shown how the app is being jointly developed in the Karlsruhe community.

Air Taxi Service – Ready for Take-Off!

Christian Bauer

Chief Commercial Officer, Volocopter GmbH

The current transportation systems in megacities are reaching their limits due to the growing population. The obvious answer is to offer solutions in the third dimension: autonomous and fully electric flying cabs. The approval of air cabs is a question of time, not feasibility. Volocopter focuses on shaping the necessary ecosystem around Urban Air Mobility, including air traffic management, urban regulation and take-off and landing infrastructure.

“Back to normal?” – Digital innovations in schools

Saskia Ebel & Micha Pallesche

Teacher at Walter-Eucken-Schule Karlsruhe & team leader for event planning at LMZ BW in the Q1 Principles, Innovations department

Rector of the Ernst-Reuter-Gemeinschaftsschule Karlsruhe

Keynote speeches

The InnovationFestival jury selected the 13 best digital innovations from around 40 applications. You can experience the following keynote speeches on digital transformation projects from business, science and administration from Karlsruhe and the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion at the InnovationFestival on October 8, 2021:

Keynote speech

EVA shuttle buses in local public transport

Dr. Ing. Florian Kuhnt

Senior Expert Autonomous Driving and Situation Understanding, FZI Research Center for Information Technology

In the “EVA-Shuttle” project, networked and autonomous minibuses were developed for the last mile from the bus stop to the front door. The project consortium tested a new local public transport service that is intended to offer users more options and convenience in the future. The aim of the research project is to develop a public transport mobility concept, which was determined by means of an overall system-oriented fleet test under real conditions at the Baden-Württemberg Test Area for Autonomous Driving (TAF BW).

Keynote speech

Smart East – The real laboratory for the city’s energy transition

Manuel Lösch & Dr.-Ing. Christoph Schlenzig

Head of Department, FZI Research Center for Information Technology

Founder and Managing Director, Seven2one Informationssysteme GmbH

Karlsruhe is bringing the energy transition to the city with the Smart East real-world laboratory project: a consortium of research, IT and energy companies is transforming a commercial area in Karlsruhe East into a smart, energy-optimized and climate-friendly district. The project focuses on four fields of action: Climate protection, digitalization, business models and participation. By involving all stakeholders – from owners to tenants, system operators and energy suppliers – new digital business models for energy supply are being developed and tested in a practical way.

Keynote speech

GAROMA – The Karlsruhe gastronomy offer at a glance: complete, detailed and digital.

Philip Girrbach

Founder & CEO, GAROMA

On, our users will not only find every single dish, but also all the offers, promotions and events of around 1000 restaurants in Karlsruhe. In addition to many delicious dishes, the restaurant offers exciting daily lunch specials and a variety of specials such as musical events, barbecue evenings, kitchen parties, wine tastings and candlelight dinners. By increasingly automating the provision of complete and up-to-date data and information, we enable unique features for users and restaurants with GAROMA.

Keynote speech

Cre[ai]tion – Revolutionizing Design Processes with AI

Marco Limm & Sebastian Heinz

Founder, cre[ai]tion

Founder, CEO statworx

Will designers remain irreplaceable in times of artificial intelligence and automation? The repetitive design challenges of consumer products can be solved by our AI. And much faster and more efficiently than by us humans. The “Artificial Designer” provides the designer with a tool that opens up an unprecedented field of possibilities for design work. Teamwork with AI makes it possible to focus on meaningful problems, while algorithms take over the repetitive tasks of the design process.

Keynote speech

When tradition meets technical revolution

Sophia Lindner

CEO, act’ble GmbH

Our language is design, development, marketing and of course: dance. What connects us? Our passion for creating solutions with value. As an innovation team, we are rethinking one of the most conventional, aesthetic and high-performance sports: ballet. Design and research with high-level athletes and dance physicians enable us to develop a new type of ballet shoe that drastically reduces physical strain and offers a mind. has 5 times the service life. Thanks to 3D scans, 3D printing and functional knitwear, we develop a performance dance shoe that fits perfectly. Methods such as 3D modelling, 3D printing, 3D scanning, mass personalization and motion capture open up possibilities that were previously unheard of in this industry.

Keynote speech

Get your office back! Rethinking hybrid working.

Eric Schätzlein

Product Owner Hybrid Office Solutions, synyx GmbH & Co. KG

For many companies, a mixture of office and home office will be the working model of the future. But how can cohesion, the “WE feeling” and creative teamwork be maintained in this new world of work? Many of our social interactions in the work environment, which are so important for creativity and knowledge transfer, arise from spontaneous encounters – an exchange at the coffee machine, an unplanned hallway conversation. How can these movements and associated interactions be transferred to the virtual world? hyo is more than just the next virtual video call platform. We have created a solution that creates a new form of office life – regardless of whether employees work from home or on site. We are a working platform that once again creates space for exchange and spontaneous encounters.

Keynote speech

IT security Creating innovation through collaboration

Bastian Wieland & Oliver Winzenried

Managing Partner of archis Architekten & Ingenieure GmbH, archis, planning and design New Work IT Security Club

Management Board, WIBU-SYSTEMS AG

IT security is the basis of digital sovereignty. WIBU-SYSTEMS has stood for IT security for over 30 years. CodeMeter Cloud was honored with the German Innovation Award, while the Blurry Box protection method, developed with KIT and FZI, received the German IT Security Award. Find out at the InnovationFestival how excellent solutions are created through collaboration between research, start-ups and established companies and how you can benefit from flexible working opportunities and innovation management for funded cooperation projects at the IT Security Club in the House of IT Security.

Keynote speech

When AI knows you better than you know yourself – the fine line between data protection and personalization

Sabine Miodek

Junior Data Engineer, econda GmbH

An optimized shopping experience – Yes! Use of data by Google and Facebook – No! Who is allowed to use the data and how is a fundamental debate not only in modern e-commerce. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to find the right balance between personalization and data protection. We present a tried-and-tested solution that is already in use and enables companies to use their data for excellent shopping experiences in online stores without violating data protection regulations.

Keynote speech

AI engineering – building bridges between artificial intelligence and engineering disciplines

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Usländer

Head of the Competence Center AI Engineering CC-King

Head of Information Management and Control Technology (ICT) Department, Fraunhofer IOSB, Karlsruhe

AI engineering complements basic research into artificial intelligence (AI) and builds a bridge to the engineering sciences. The aim is to make AI methods systematically plannable and reliably usable in the design and operation of technical systems in accordance with the requirements and procedures of engineers. AI Engineering combines the core competencies of the Karlsruhe technology region – the research and practice of engineering sciences with AI and computer science. AI therefore also stands for Karlsruhe and innovation in the application of AI.

Keynote speech

The future of AI in industry

Dr. Konrad Grießinger

Senior Data Scientist at Siemens Digital Enterprise Labs

Siemens Digital Enterprise Labs combines the power of Machine Learning with Siemens’ extensive domain expertise to solve industry problems that were previously intractable. Using this approach, it is possible to reduce downtime of an industrial plant, optimize its performance in terms of quality and efficiency, or improve safety and competitiveness. To ensure the solution perfectly fits their needs, the resulting algorithms are developed in direct co-creation with the customer, who may be a business from the region or worldwide.

Keynote speech

Casablanca.AI – Making videoconferencing authentic

Carsten Kraus

Founder & CEO Casablanca.AI / CK Holding GmbH

500 million people use video conferencing every day. Since Covid-19, the majority of our business meetings, as well as face-to-face meetings, have taken place via video call. Until now, video conferences have not been authentic: because the camera is looking from a different angle, there is no real face-to-face contact – but we humans need this to build trust. Our patent-pending Casablanca process uses the latest AI technologies – GANs with additional discriminators – to move the camera virtually behind the eyes of the person opposite. Voilà, eye contact is back.

Keynote speech

Spirit for artificial intelligence: how to light the fire properly.

Dr. Ing. Duc Tam Nguyen

Managing Director, Head of Research and Development at Aimino-Tech GmbH

How does artificial intelligence – AI for short – make decisions? How can we get them to make the “right” decisions? In this article, we look at these issues and explain why good training examples are essential for artificial intelligence.

Press conference

On September 15, 2021, the three chairs of the initiative presented the highlights of this year’s InnovationFestival at a joint press conference with KIT Science Week.

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  • Making digitalization in Karlsruhe visible and tangible for everyone – that is the aim of the city festival “Bunte Nacht der Digitalisierung” and the InnovationFestival. Because digitalization is changing everything!

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  • As a replacement for the city festival “Bunte Nacht der Digitalisierung”, which was cancelled due to the pandemic, the InnovationFestival celebrated its premiere on 16 October 2020 with 2,000 spectators from 16 countries. This was followed by the second edition on October 8, 2021.

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