CyberChampions 2023: COMPAILE - Innovation through AI

Every year, CyberLab Karlsruhe, the IT accelerator of the state of Baden-Württemberg, presents the CyberChampions Award to the most innovative IT start-ups that have impressed with their promising business model and personalities. visited the winners in 2023 and portrayed them for our blog. COMPAILE has set itself the goal of revolutionizing the industry with innovative AI solutions. We spoke to founder Grischa Hauser about his start-up, which won a CyberChampion Award.

We live in an age in which technological progress is indispensable and continuous innovation is a prerequisite for the success of companies – and this is precisely where COMPAILE comes in. The start-up wants to establish artificial intelligence (AI) as a real problem solver. With products specifically tailored to the demanding needs of security agencies and industrial applications, COMPAILE strives to revolutionize traditional methods.

Grischa Hauser is the founder of COMPAILE.

Founder Grischa Hauser explains the core of the company’s approach as follows: “We want to use AI to develop tangible, effective products that excel specifically in object recognition on image and video data.” The decisive advantage of this technology lies in the content-based similarity comparison, which enables fast and precise recognition without the need for constant retraining, as is usually the case with AI solutions.

This not only makes AI applications less cumbersome, but also more cost-efficient and accessible for a variety of different scenarios.

Not possible? No such thing!

The founding of COMPAILE was a direct response to the recurring challenges that Grischa Hauser encountered in his previous work as a freelance programmer. Frustration at the general acceptance of seemingly insurmountable technical problems and the often-heard phrase “it can’t be done, the problem has always existed, it can’t be solved” finally motivated Grischa to take a different path. He did not want to accept this limited way of thinking and began to explore the possibilities of AI as a solution tool.

“I thought, there must be a better way, it’s solvable,” explains Grischa. And it was precisely this conviction that became the catalyst for numerous AI experiments in his spare time, which ultimately led to the creation of the first prototypes – and laid the foundation for COMPAILE.

BauIdent changes production monitoring

After the first AI-based prototypes were developed by Grischa and the feasibility of his ideas was proven, one of COMPAILE’s core products was created: BauIdent. As mentioned at the beginning, this innovative component recognition system does not require continuous retraining and can therefore be used in a wide variety of industrial contexts.

“BauIdent enables the recognition of any free-form parts based on content features, which allows flexible adaptation to a wide range of applications without prior specific training of the AI,” explains Grischa. The system can be used with both stationary cameras and mobile devices such as smartphones, whereby only the blueprint needs to be stored in the system to enable correct assignment and verification.

BauIdent is already being used successfully for quality assurance in production, where it improves the accuracy of production by comparing the actual manufactured parts with their digital construction plans, detecting discrepancies and thus helping to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Customer relationships are a top priority

The feedback from the industry? Positive throughout. Feedback from key customers such as TRUMPF in particular has confirmed that COMPAILE’s AI solutions are not only innovative, but also extremely effective. “Our technology has been specially developed to integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructures and can be implemented quickly and without extensive adjustments,” says Grischa. This adaptability and the ability to provide customized solutions that are directly tailored to the specific requirements and problems of customers have made COMPAILE a preferred partner in the industry.

In addition to technical excellence, the start-up places a high value on customer relations and after-sales support. The company remains in close contact with its customers to ensure that its solutions are used optimally and continue to meet users’ needs. This ongoing dialog not only helps to improve the products, but also promotes a sustainable relationship based on trust and mutual respect. “Our aim is to be perceived not just as a supplier, but as a partner in the digital transformation,” adds Grischa. This philosophy has enabled COMPAILE to expand not only in Germany, but also internationally, while always maintaining high standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

All of this ultimately earned COMPAILE the CyberChampions Award in 2023. “This award has motivated our team enormously and is a confirmation of our innovative strength, especially with regard to the BauIdent solution.” Success at the CyberChampions Award has also attracted attention to the start-up – and thus opened the door to new business relationships.

COMPAILE has a promising future ahead of it

COMPAILE is optimistic about the future and plans to further expand its innovative component identification technology BauIdent. “We strive to drive forward the digitalization of German industry with advanced technology and always remain at the forefront of AI development,” emphasizes Grischa. The focus is also on ethical AI solutions that guarantee transparency and data protection in order to meet growing global requirements.

Photos: CyberForum / Björn Pados / COMPAILE