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#1 IT-CLUSTER in Europe

Exceeding a count of 1,000 members, CyberForum e.V is the largest regionally active Hightech.Business.Network in Europe and honored as the best IT cluster in Europe.

#4 in ICT Study

The ICT study of the EU Commission places Karlsruhe fourth – directly behind Munich, London, and Paris. With over 4,200 IT companies this top result is no surprise but much appreciated.

25 R&D Institutions

Karlsruhe hosts 25 research and development institutions. The best-known is Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) – one of the largest research institutions worldwide.

42,000 Students

About 42,000 students are currently enrolled in Karlsruhe´s ten colleges and universities – about 60% at KIT and about 20% chose the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HsKA).

The location Karlsruhe

Digital Events and News from Karlsruhe

karlsruhe.digital1 hour ago
Am 3.12. wird die AIxIA virtuell abgehalten und beschäftigt sich damit, wie KI dabei helfen...
karlsruhe.digital2 hours ago
Don't miss the next SUGAR BAR TALK on December 3rd! 🗓️
karlsruhe.digital6 hours ago

Unsere #KarlsruheDigital Woche behält die Termine von spannenden Digitalevents in Karlsruhe für euch...
karlsruhe.digital3 days ago

Genießt das Wochenende mit diesem #KarlsruheDigital Zitat von Gabriele Luczak-Schwarz, erste Bürgermeisterin

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