Karlsruhe Developer Day 2024: A must for software engineering professionals

The Karlsruhe Developer Day, one of the most important conferences for software engineering in the German-speaking world, will take place from June 3 to 5, 2024. Organized by andrena objects ag and supported by partners such as VKSI and the Gesellschaft für Informatik, the event offers a unique opportunity for networking and knowledge transfer.

The three-day program includes a workshop day, a conference day and an Agile Day. Participants can look forward to exciting keynotes, practical presentations and interactive formats. The IHK Karlsruhe will once again be the venue, known for its excellent atmosphere and close contact with speakers.

Program and highlights

  • Workshop Day (June 3): Intensive workshops on current topics.
  • Conference Day (June 4): Presentations and keynotes from industry experts.
  • Agile Day (June 5): Focus on agile methods and practices.

Digitization in everyday life?

Phyllis Augustin has been organizing the Karlsruhe Developer Day for four years at andrena objects, an IT service provider that was founded in Karlsruhe in 1995 and now has six locations. She sums up the importance of digitalization: “There are many definitions of digitalization. This is how I explain it in essence: Digitization shifts a process from the real world to the digital world. To achieve this, information, e.g. instructions formulated as text, is converted into machine-readable language. The machine then carries out process steps that I previously had to do manually. Digitalization is so important for the future because it makes processes faster and opens up opportunities to improve them that we didn’t have before.”

An everyday example is the navigation system, which not only shows you the way, but also indicates route closures and traffic jams and automatically re-routes you. It highlights the efficiency and benefits of digitalization, but also emphasizes energy consumption. “This explains the importance of a topic such as Green IT: Green IT is about taking ecological aspects into account in both the development and operation of software. As far as I know, the software industry accounts for around 4% of global CO2 emissions. Green IT’ is looking for concepts to reduce this figure. Speaker Aydin Mir Mohammadi, for example, will be presenting approaches to this at the Developers’ Day. He is the organizer of Green Software Development Karlsruhe.”

Network and exchange

In addition to the technical program, the Developer Day offers numerous opportunities to exchange ideas with colleagues from industry and universities. Whether during coffee breaks, joint lunches or special networking events – the Developer Day is the ideal place to make contacts and exchange experiences.

“The Karlsruhe Developer Day is a regional conference on the topic of software engineering. With this conference, we want to promote the exchange and networking of software professionals and at the same time make the special IT expertise in the region visible,” says Phyllis Augustin.

Another key topic this year is the possibilities and limits of artificial intelligence (AI), which are the subject of intense debate. “The opportunities, but also the limits and risks that arise from AI, are an intensively discussed topic at this year’s Karlsruhe Developer Day,” emphasizes Augustin.

Registration and participation

Registration is already open. Further information on the program, speakers and registration can be found on the official website entwicklertag.de.

Join us and experience three days full of knowledge, inspiration and networking in Karlsruhe! “What is perhaps special about the Karlsruhe Developer Day is that we combine the high technical level of the presentations with a very relaxed atmosphere,” adds Augustin.