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From: 01.08.2016

Statement Tomt Lenz, Founder Kinemic GmbH

“The German state Baden-Württemberg and especially the TechnologyRegion Karlsruhe is an optimal location for us. Our gesture control software is focused on industrial applications and the high concentration of innovative companies here – from the multi-national to the „Mittelstand“ – suits us very well. In Karlsruhe we benefit from the active startup scene and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, which supports us and allows recruitment of very talented and passionate employees.”

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From: 17.02.2016

Digitalization: 11 reasons why Karlsruhe is ready for the future

Digital solutions are finding their way into all areas of life and work. With this digital transition, we are seeing disruptive technologies present the old economy with staggering challenges. Entire industries are being forced to redefine themselves from one day to the next – and traditional business strongholds are following suit. Karlsruhe is ready for the digital transition – 11 reasons show you, why.

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