International Women's Day:

On International Women’s Day, March 8, women around the world take a stand for equal rights. and against discrimination on the streets. Under this year’s motto “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”, the United Nations is focusing on barriers to women’s participation in the digital world. Foreground.

And this is urgently needed, as the Figures from the United Nations show: So far, 37% of women use the Internet does not. 259 million women have less access to the internet than men, even though they make up almost half of the world’s population. In Germany , 12% of women are still offline.

As a consequence, this means that if women have less or poorer access to the Internet and are online do not feel safe, they are left behind when it comes to urgent training. necessary digital skills.

In view of the forecast that by 2050 75% of jobs will be in STEM fields, This also reduces the chances of a career in these professional fields. Apart from the fact that this development has fatal consequences for the participation in the labor market in general, as women are particularly active in the STEM professions so important. Because this is where the digital world is shaped and access options created or not.

Many specialist disciplines are currently around digital transformation is still very much dominated by men. Although There is an upward trend in the number of female students in, for example in computer science, but the proportion of women among all university graduates in the STEM fields between 2013 and 2019 even declining, as the G7 Dashboard on Gender Gaps shows.

Exciting MINT support programs in Karlsruhe

Early education and female role models are important tools to change this. Early education programs aimed specifically at girls help to awaken their interest.

That is why the promotion of girls also plays an important important role. We have summarized some of the offers in our overview article “Women in IT professions: Karlsruhe initiatives promote women from elementary school to to study”., an association of computer science students, provides a deeper insight into the initiative and the “Code togetHER” program.

Female role models from Karlsruhe

And once women have found their way into digitization-related degree courses, it is important to keep them in these professions. Role models can make a decisive contribution to this, as they show possibilities, help us to define our own goals and we can learn from their experiences. In our blog series #DigiWomenKA, Katharina Iyen meets one such role model from Karlsruhe’s digital sector once a month to find out more about them, their experiences and their commitment.

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